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Using a multi-disciplanary approach, I operate with no federal or state funds, with curricula that identify and incorporate the hosting cultural competencies to best reach the theme objectives.  Focusing on the importance of shared processes that support discovery, self-knowledge, awareness.




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I make the forgotten you, unforgettable.

You’ve made an important and wise decision.

You’re ready to improve what is not working for you today. You’ve decided to just say “no” to living with fear, constraints and feeling unheard or worse, heard but without a roadmap to change. It is not an easy process and takes time - but the payoff is a strategy that gets helps you become the best "you" today.

Big life changing issues or just navigating the day to day moments in life - everyone can use support and a guide from time to time.

 Dating and intimacy

Isn't it time to get your house in order?

"I can help you with those self-dialogues that shape your personal life-strategy allowing you to develop a plan for yourself that moves you forword in your health, sex and relationships. Working with me doesn't replace your personal support systems or care providers. Instead, I help you build on those discussions from a engaged, active experience. Supporting you with a safe, confidential place to practice,  bounded by unconditional support, honesty and integrity." 


Living in the 21st Century includes the constant bombardment of visual and emotional stimulation, life & fiscal choices, family stressors. Don't become emotional road-kill from living in the fast lane. Individual sessions focus on your unique themes and prompt you to check-in on your activities, to evaluate current, past and future activities and assist you in your own strategic plan for better health, sex relationships.


 Aging and Social Isolation

‣  HIV, STD and Hep C Life Changes

‣  Understanding Health Needs

 Exploring Your Personal Sexual Frontier 


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 Health, Sex & Relationship Strategist

GAYMENSPEAK rounds out the last of the data collection by the end of July - but you can still take the survey:  CLICK HERE  or visit

GayMenSpeak is a research study, collecting personal stories from gay, bi and trans men on sex and pleasure. The goal is to compile unfiltered insight on the transformation of sex from a “clinical-medical perspective” to one that maintains “pleasure as an asset” and how these topics relate to identity and health.  Find out more by visiting